Board of Directors

Jacob Foko: Founder and Chair


Jacob Foko, Prince of the Baleng in West regional part of Cameroon, Africa,┬áis an award-winning photographer, experienced photojournalist and passionate humanitarian…
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Tess Cacciatore: Board Member


Ms. Cacciatore has over twenty-fiveyears experience as a multi-media Producer in entertainment and education. As a writer, creative director…
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Anthony Johnson: Board Member

Anthony N. Johnson is a communications and media consultant with over twenty-five years of creative and management experience in television, film and print media… Read More →

Lisa M. Kreamer: Board Member


Lisa Kreamer, writer, has her MFA in Screenwriting, MA in Art Education and BFA in Studio Art. Lisa began her career as a news photographer at the Arizona…
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Danielle Beach: Board Member

Danielle Beach utilizes her 19 years of experience in immigration law to help individuals immigrate to the United States for humanitarian reasons. Born in Brussels, Belgium, Ms. Beach… Read More →