Kashmir: The Other Martyrs

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists is soliciting funds for The Other Martyrs which will help open PTSD medical clinics and counseling centers for marginalized women.

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Afghanistan Dental Relief

Afghanistan Dental Relief Project (ADRP) provides free dental care to impovrished Afghan citizens through a clinic he established in the city of Kabul. Help ADRP in establishing a school where orphans, widows and victims of war can learn to be dental assistants, hygienists, clinical and lab workers.

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Congo: Safe Housing Project

Emergency Africa helps women and children victims of the devastating 1997-2000 Congo civil war gain self sufficiency through job training, education, and healthcare. Help us find solutions to assist Emergency Africa and keep the program’s medical center running.

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Youth Multimedia Training Program

Join our unique program and work with other young professionals in the media. Learn the skills that will allow you to be more effective, using new technology, innovation, multimedia and social media.

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Shedding light on social issues through the art of Photojournalism

Moving Images Towards Humanity

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists (GHPJ) was founded in November 2007 to document fallout from war or natural disasters, capturing the reality of lives in adversity, and inspiring hope through stories individuals who have overcome extreme adversity. GHPJ is a group of photojournalists and social documentary filmmakers who assist other non-profit organizations in documenting their work to create material that will attract funding for their activities.

All people are connected and created equal. It is our hope that focusing on the positive will enable us to find more viable solutions for people worldwide, while also building unity through joined efforts to eliminate suffering.

Recent Projects & Events


Casa Magazine

Casa Magazine Article on Jacob Foko

Devon Pettengill writer for Casa Magazine in Santa Barbara, California wrote this article on Jacob Foko’s humanitarian photojournalism work. Download the …

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The Flux Mothers1

Flux Mothers Recognized by U.S. Institute of Peace

The United States institute of Peace has recognized Global Humanitarian Photojournalist’s short documentary about the victims of the Congo 1997-2000 …

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