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Carolle Da Silva – Multimedia Consultant
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Carolle Da Silva – Multimedia Consultant

Carole Da Silva, is an engineer in urban social development and integration in Europe. She also holds a certificate in journalism. In 1998, she noted in the writing of her thesis, that with equal skills, a young black graduate was less likely to access a job corresponding to his skill level, than another candidate. This experience was the starting point for his pragmatic engagement in the fight against ethno-racial discrimination and inequalities in the job market.
In 2002, she created the Association to Promote Professional Integration (www.afip-asso.org), in order to facilitate access to employment for young graduates from visible minorities. She has supported more than 10,000 young graduates to enter the job market with an annual success rate of over 73%, she has trained more than 2,000 company employees in the challenges of diversity and produced awareness-raising tools such as than the film, the barrier of prejudice or the practical guides on mentoring.
In 2016, she created the International Collaborative Foundation (www.ic-foundation.org), a collaborative exchange space between France, Benin and the United States, to share and draw inspiration from innovative practices in the field diversity and gender equality.
From this experience, she created a web channel dedicated to the expression and engagement of women in power, (www.femmeetpouvoir.org). To discover on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPHtl9nNk-FyZ8UqnYzof1w, but also on TV5MONDE, ICI TELEVISION in Quebec, TELESUD in France and ORTB in Benin.
In 2011, she was a laureate of the Ariane de Rothschild Foundation and received the Trophy for Female Success - Euro Mediterranean Woman. Also, winner of the IMPACT program of the ASHOKA foundation
In 2007, she was Ambassador of the European Year for Equal Opportunities and member of the Consultative Committee of the High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality (HALDE) until the creation of the Defender of Rights ( DDD). But also, the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) created by the United States of America in 1942.
She has just been decorated by President Emmanuel Macron, National Knight of the Order of Merit.