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Thank you for taking interest in Global Humanitarian Photojournalists (GHPJ), and the people we are working with, telling their stories, bringing new understanding, and help their way.

GHPJ combats social injustice by raising awareness for the victims. We are the voice of those who would otherwise have no voice.

This is an organization built on a passion for helping, a love for photojournalism, and a commitment to speaking out. You don’t need to be a photojournalist to be a part of our cause.

The primary focus of GHPJ is in the areas of education, health, improvement of living conditions, and raising public awareness. Our goals are to build schools, medical centers and homes, to inform and to improve lives and communities.

With the help of like-minded people, companies, and other organizations, we raise support for the programs and people represented on this site. Together, we  can make a difference. Donations can take many forms: they can be financial contributions, material possessions, time spent volunteering, or the purchase of our documentaries.

We are looking for people who can schedule a speaker, put us in contact with potential partners, promote and host events, or travel with us as interns.

Each and every one of us has the power to change lives. We all have the ability to help; some just lack the motivation or information necessary to make it happen. Photojournalism is my way of helping, but it’s the not the only way.

This is an organization founded on the principles instilled upon me by my mother, principles of selflessness and human compassion. Her messages of love, respect, trust and equality are communicated through Global Humanitarian Photojournalists’ and their partners today.

Thank you

Jacob Foko