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Global Humanitarian Photojournalist as an organization has made an impact on the world with its untiring efforts to make this Earth a worth living place for all humans.

Global humanitarian photojournalists have become the most credible voice on a variety of social issues in the world. We have put ourselves out of business to highlight these global issues through documentation of these issues. We are operating with a single goal since our organization’s inception to serve humanity in all possible ways.

We take pride in the wide-ranging track record of our mild stone driven projects.

Congo Safe Housing project has made a positive impact on the life of Congolese Citizens who were facing situations of upheaval in acquiring self-sufficiency and a place for To Call Home. Afghanistan Dental Relief project is the other project which has helped many Afghanis by providing them dental care facilities in their homeland, which were devoid of these basic treatment facilities before.
Suppressed voices of several Kashmiris are also heard at the international level through our voice of Kashmir Project at the global platform of Photojournalists. Health and Wellness Center in Trinity Lake project by our organization has provided a sigh of relief to several oppressed and depressed people by efforts of building a self-sustaining community there.

Previous Year Impact

Children Improved with Safe Housing Project
Children education with Youth Multimedia Training Program
Complex Health with Kashmir: The Others Martyrs
Year: 2020
Year: 2020

Our Previous Impact

We have invested in thousands of women through training and microloans who deserve the opportunity to live a poverty-free life by empowering them with your donations. Global Humanitarian Photojournalists have created hope for women worldwide to strengthened them and their families.
We have built sustainable initiatives having strategic objectives to provide sustainable and hygienic water to millions of children in underprivileged areas of the planet Earth. All this has happened with the help of our donors as these accomplishments can not be possible without social aid.

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