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The Flux Mothers is a film that focuses on the remarkable project being carried out by Emergency Africa in Brazzaville, Congo. The organization, founded by Dr. Anne Tefaro, helps women and children victims of the devastating 1997-2000 Congo civil war gain self sufficiency through job training, education, and healthcare. During his two months journey there in 2008, visual journalist Jacob Foko documented the lives and hopes of these young mothers and children who were once victims of rape and abuse.

“The Flux Mothers” documents the work of Dr. Anne Tefaro, founder of URGENCE D’AFRIQUE (EMERGENCY AFRICA) in Brazzaville, Congo. The organization focuses on helping women and children victims of the Congo civil war gain self sufficiency through job training, education, and healthcare. Since many program participants are victims of rape, Dr. Tefaro also provides self-empowerment classes such as Aikido. Though Dr. Tafaro has had much success with her organization, there are still many areas where the program needs help. Financial support is needed in order to complete the following:

Invest in safety equipment for working women
Purchase medical equipment and supplies for medical center
Provide adequate housing and transportation for all participants

It is the hope of Dr. Tafaro to further develop the job-training program so it will become self-sustaining and eventually bring in income for the women, their families, and the program. To achieve this, EMERGENCY AFRICA needs safety equipment so it’s women can work without danger. Dr. Tefaro also needs medical supplies and equipment to keep the program’s medical center running and the participants healthy. Another goal is to provide safe and clean housing for all participants, many of whom are currently living in substandard housing which presents health hazards to both the women and their children.

If you are interested in helping GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN PHOTOJOURNALISTS (GHP) find solutions to assist Dr. Tafaro’s organization, please make a donation to GHP or contact us directly.
About Jacob Foko

Jacob Foko, is currently a Visual Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, and founder of the Global Humanitarian Photojournalists (GHP). Through his work he continues his lifelong mission to raise awareness of social injustice and work towards viable solutions. It is part of GHP’s goals to seek local partnerships and projects that can provide real solutions to complex problems, to help eliminate suffering and improve lives around the world.

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