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Habitat Destruction and Biodiversity Loss
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Habitat Destruction and Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity Loss is a big and global crisis as climate change caused by unfavorable human activities. Forests: the key producer of fresh and clean air in which we breathe are being depleted at an estimated rate of 13 million hectares each year. A number of human activities including cutting forests and clearing land for urbanization, polluting the soil, air, and water systems, overexploitation overhunting, poaching and introducing invasive species voluntarily or involuntarily are causing habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity.

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists have a mission to save life on land and to protect local ecosystems. Humans are damaging the ecosystem and throwing it out of balance, ultimately the planet is losing some special flora and fauna. Species extinctions are happening tens to hundreds of times faster than the natural rate of extinction due to human actions over the past 50 years.

We cannot anticipate the adverse effects of the imbalanced ecosystem due to disturbances caused by humans because of the intricate and complex nature of these systems. According to an estimate, as many as 140,000 species are lost each year. Isn’t is alarming and matter of dire concern?

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists are aware of the fact that global food security is also threatened due to the loss of biodiversity as humans rely on plants and animals for food. Not only for food but humans are also dependent on biodiversity directly or indirectly for maintaining the health of the ecosystem, services like medicines, shade, building materials, soil maintenance, purification of water, the chemistry of the atmosphere, etc.

Biodiversity loss results in the collapse of ecosystems due to critical removal and diminishment of species, although ecosystems can adapt to minute stress as a major part of the ecosystems is lost, their ability to recover from disturbances are reduced.

Join us at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists through volunteering on our Biodiversity Conservation program. Make an impact by choosing to help protect habitats of Javan rhinoceros, Asian elephants, leatherback sea turtles, cheetahs in South Africa, mountain gorillas, snow leopards and orangutans around the world and gather data to inform sanctuary managers and local wildlife park.

Show your concern to prevent biodiversity loss. If you need advice about a donation please feel free to contact us.