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Jessica Waters – Visual Journalist
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Jessica Waters – Visual Journalist

Jessica Waters, Visual Journalist. Jess has been documenting environmental and social issues for over 10 years.

Her work has taken her to document stories in over 10 countries spanning 4 continents, covering a range of topics from bio-toxin research aboard a NOAA research vessel to the illegal wildlife trade across Southeast Asia. She received her BA in Visual Journalism from the Brooks Institute of Photography in 2005. While there, Jessica established a relationship with the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, producing two films with The Ocean Channel, Understanding Domoic Acid and Beach Food: The Importance of Kelp for the museum’s newly constructed Ty Warner Sea Center. Both films were invited to participate in the San Francisco and Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival.

She worked with the museum again in 2007, when several blue whales, all victims of ship strike, washed up onto the shores of Ventura County. Teams of specialists were sent out to conduct a necropsy and harvest any useable bones for the museum’s blue whale skeleton. Her prior relationship allowed her to capture these rare events from start to finish, footage of which has been used in National Geographic and Discovery Channel documentaries.

Today, Jess has over 300 stock footage clips represented by 5 different stock houses and continues to freelance for a variety of commercial clients from her southern California home. More info on Jessica can be found at. http://jesswaters.com