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Tom Attalla – Board Of Directos
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Tom Attalla – Board Of Directos

Tom Attalla joins GHP Trinity Lake Project in full support. Mr. Attalla who himself is an Army Veteran brings his background in new technologies and multimedia to the Trinity Lake Project. 

Mr. Attalla who was part of the DVD Development Team at Sony, ran the Quality Control at Universal Studios DVCC, and retired from SDI Media endorses the Trinity Lake Project and commits to integrate Smart House technologies in a wilderness setting being environmentally conscious and friendly.

The goal of having a healing setting in communion with nature is perfect for all of us to either reflect on our blessings that we take for granted and/or sometimes lend a hand to those whose turn it might be to receive some help and support. The location is ideal for teambuilding in a safe serene environment surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lake and National Parks.

Hoping to see this project benefit generations to come, we  can only hope that Mr Attalla's contribution will be of benefit to the wellness of all members of our community and pray for continued support for projects like this so desperately needed.

Mr. Attalla has been a supporter of the GHP since 2008 and his continued commitment to the organization has helped us to partner up with the Veterans Oversight Group, Blackfeet Nations, and others to insure the success of the operations. We can only hope that this blessed opportunity adds to life on a continuing basis and thank Mr Attalla and all our supporters and partners for forever believing in Us.