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Health and Wellness Center in Trinity Lake
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Health and Wellness Center in Trinity Lake

At this time, we are in the process of acquiring a single 58.2 acre parcel entirely on a peninsula of the Trinity Lake and are asking for donations to not only complete the transaction but support individuals and families who want to participate but don't have the means.

The plan is currently in the development phase and acquisition of land while we further secure our relationships with strategic partners.

These 58 acres will provide us with a picturesque environment and the room to develop the property as needed specific to our needs and those of our partners. This peninsula is surrounded entirely by the lake and thousands of acres of national forest giving clients the opportunity to choose from all sorts of recreational activities that promote a communion with nature.

In support of dietary and wellness instruction, clients will have the opportunity and environment to heal from all sorts of therapy options available including massage, chiropractic, sweat lodges, mineral/mud baths, herbalist medicinal approaches, yoga, counseling, education,… All clients will have additional opportunities to participate in equestrian therapies, hiking, hunting, fishing, gardening, farming,... available at this unique location and healing community.

In addition to these services, a portion of the land will be dedicated to treating alcoholism and addiction-based disorders and or victims of domestic violence/sexual trauma.

This development is supported by both the Veterans Oversight Group and the Blackfeet Nation, however we need further support from individuals in our community for entitlement, planning approval, and buildout.

We would like to build there a self-sustaining community where seminars, retreats, and healing are the main focus. The entire peninsula will be designed to be fully independent off-grid with it’s own solar and/or hydrogen powered utility and we are investigating alternative waste management practices to lower our carbon footprint and impact on the environment overall. Principal vehicles will be all electric.