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Help Poor Childreen

About 400 million children around the world lack the basic necessities of life and living a life of poverty. We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists. Inc helps poor children have a better future by raising their issue on an international level and providing them with these basic necessities through funding throughout the world. We raise donations to provide assistance to poor children that are struggling in poverty. Our aim is to assist the photojournalists to aware of the world charitable organizations with these issues by telling their stories through pictures stories and social documentaries.

Today, through photojournalists and international broadcasters, it is possible to collects funds for poor children living in different parts of the world. Our mission at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists is to help poor children in living a normal life by providing them with basic necessities and helps them to grow up healthy. Our Mission at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists which is a non-profit organization that also encourages photojournalists to knowledgeable the world about the critical issues affecting child development in global media outlets to collect funds.

  • Provide Education; Education is a very important factor for the success of every child. Our mission is to help poor students by giving them basic educational facilities such as schools, free books, and other school supplies by your donations. You can also help them by giving some money or your time as a tutor if you are educated. Your little help can make a big change in their life.

  • Food and medicines; The best way to help poor children is to provide them with healthy food to reduce their hunger. Your donations will help poor children to live for another day. Make secure donations by participating in our mission to give them a chance for a better future. You can also help them by giving food products and medicines. If you are a doctor, you can become a successful volunteer by giving your time to unhealthy children. We select a Doctor within a country that already has a clinic or social organization for helping poor children, we then assist him by telling his story and share with the world.

  • Houses and Shelter; With your donations and funds, we are able to build safe houses for those poor children whose homes are roads, muds, etc. We provide them with standard houses with sanitation facilities, clean water and secure shelter for homeless children.

Join our mission today to become an honorable volunteer and brings smiles to their faces by giving them a better future!