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About fifty percent of the world’s population is living a life of poverty. Due to a shortage of food and water, millions of poor people died annually. Our aim at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists is to assist organizations by creating visual elements and multimedia and giving data on the area affected by these issues so they can act and help reduce world poverty by providing people in need proper food and clean water. As one of the largest social organizations in this world, our goal is to achieve social and economic change in poor people’s lives by raising their issues of poverty on international platforms.

Join our mission today as a volunteer so that the world is aware of their harsh conditions!

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists is built not-for-profit and its mission is to be the voice of people without a voice in the poorest regions of the world.

By Giving Jobs;

Our mission at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists is to reduce world poverty by motivating the world social organizations and photojournalists and assist them to donate. If you are capable enough to help someone you can reduce poverty by giving jobs to needy peoples.

Educational Facilities; 

We also support poor students in urgent need in improving their lifestyle by providing them educational facilities for their better future. You can also take responsibility for the education of poor children as education give them a great opportunity to earn better income and access to food. If you are running a school, you can help them by giving free education to students.

Food Donations;

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists combat world hunger by providing food to hungry people. If you are a farmer you can support them by providing food although it may seem like a small step, with this small step, you can make a huge difference in their life. We also encourage international societies and photojournalists to aware and assist the government through their pictures and documentaries so that they help them by providing food to mothers and children in underdeveloped areas.

Reducing poverty is not a charity, it is an act of justice that everyone can do to giving poor people a bright future. With your help, we can feed the hungry, increase energy resources and give the poor a chance to gain success and live a life free of poverty!