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A Humanitarian photojournalist is a visual storyteller or a photographer focused on the promotion of human welfare and social reform through the medium of photography.

If you are just starting out on your journalism, or even if you have the desire to work as a professional photojournalist, then volunteering your time and skills to the right people or organizations can give you many benefits. Give a voice to those without voices.

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalistslisten carefully to photographers and multimedia producer and who are providing photos and visual elements in order to ensure they will be happy with the results and be able to make practical use of the photos you take.

Why Photojournalists Volunteer?

Millions of people in this world lack basic necessities of life; homes, foods, education but the world is unaware of their hardships. With your skills, you can help them by telling their stories through your photographs as many homeless people may not care to have their picture taken. Unfortunately, there are needy and helpless people present almost everywhere, and bringing their situations into public attention through some dramatic shots is a great way for photographers. As a volunteer photojournalist, you can document poverty without humiliating the poor.

Many charitable organizations and NGOs in the world need impactful and visual elements to tell stories of those in needy for fundraising, and increase public awareness. Some NGOs cannot afford to do this due to financial limitations and lack of talented professional photojournalists and storytellers. You can help them as a volunteer photojournalist by clicking for them some impactful shots. Contact our office and tell us about an important organization in your area then, we will assign you to bring their story to light.

The famous Chinese proverb, "one picture is worth thousand words" certainly holds true as a single click helps to brings a massive change in a meaningful manner. Your time as a volunteer photojournalist can benefit many unfortunate and in return giving you a worthy experience of a great visual journalist.

Photographing people living through poverty, diseases or natural disasters can help you become more determining and volunteering your skills as a photographer may be worth more to you than some of your highest-paying jobs.

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalism provide you an opportunity to become a successful volunteer photojournalist by volunteering your time and skills in documenting the hardships of people living in poverty, or documenting your community or city devastating by a natural disaster.

Join our mission as a volunteer photojournalist because only a life living for others is worth living!