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About Afghanistan Dental Relief Project
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About Afghanistan Dental Relief Project

Afghanistan is an extremely poor country having a disrupted economy. Over 35 years of war has eliminated the essentials for basic living like clean water, electricity, sanitation and health facilities by destroying infrastructure. Years of successive drought have left people to survive on their own, almost 10% of the population is comprised of Orphans. Yet people in Afghanistan are working their butt off to feed their children.                                                                                                                                                                    

Tragic Health Conditions in Afghanistan;

Basically, the whole of Afghanistan is devoid of health and dental care due to primitive conditions and lack of professional care. Afghan People have complex problems with their teeth and mouth because one dentist is available for a quarter-million nation. In the underserved areas, many Afghanis dye because of abscessed teeth when care is not accessible.

The Sigh of Relief;

To provide Dental treatment facilities, an organization named as AFGHANISTAN DENTAL RELIEF PROJECT was established by Santa Barbara dentist James Rolfe in 2003 who was influenced by the poverty and vulnerability he saw in Afghanistan.

Our Aim;

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists find joy in helping poor Afghanis by contributing our services of fundraising for this Dental Relief Project.

Our aim is to invite photojournalists to document the miserable living of people who have never seen a toothbrush in their life. Global Humanitarian Photojournalists also invites dental professionals, teachers, construction workers, equipment manufacturers and dental suppliers from all around the world to become an active supporter of this Afghanistan Dental Relief Project.

Fundraising is not the only aim but Global Humanitarian Photojournalists seek dental educators who can train the students in Afghanistan in dental technology and instruct the people of Afghanistan methods of preventative dental care.                                     

What you can do?

A big social change can be made with a little help. You can help in promoting volunteerism by motivating eager willing hands to improve infrastructure in dentistry through donations and fundraising for establishing clinics. Dental hygienists and dental lab technicians can also volunteer to work in the laboratory with the students, or treat patients. For the good of mankind, dental volunteers can donate knowledge and skill without a fee.