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Congo: Safe Housing Project
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Congo: Safe Housing Project

Congo, a country rich in natural resources but with many socio-economic problems is trapped in a system of lawlessness, recklessness, and impunity. Since independence, it is in the deteriorating humanitarian situation, villages are subjugated, fields are destroyed due to civil war and brutal clashes. Everyone is a victim there with no discrimination, from old women to young children who are facing brutality, horrific torture, traumatization, and massive population displacement. Due to this situation of upheaval and disturbance people, there are devoid of basic necessities of food, clean water, and safe houses.

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists have initiated a Congo Safe Housing project to provide these people with these basic necessities of life by raising awareness about their issues on international platforms.

The civil war in Congo has forced millions of people to flee their homes in fear of losing their lives and drove into deep forests to escape violence. Approximately 7.7 million people were shelterless and food insecure in Congo in 2017 and this number is rising since then. Sexual violence and mass rape are routinely employed and accepted as a status quo of “Congolese life”. Stories of brutality inside the country rarely reach western ears.

 The main aim of our Congo Safe Housing Project is to make a worth living homeland for “Congolese Citizens” who are living a miserable life and battling various health hazards in substandard housing. It is their human right to have a place to call home just like other common people residing in peaceful countries.

We are not only fundraisers but also the voice of brave Congolese Women who stand up against the prevailing misogynistic culture. It is too important to tell the stories of those courageous people who are standing up against systematic abuse.

Your little help will mean a lot to them!! You can also help our organization in raising funds as a volunteer photojournalist for victims of abuse by documenting their dire living conditions so that they can acquire self-sufficiency and get a place for residence, education, and livelihood. You can donate to the health care system and encourage others to go out of their way to make life beautiful for Congo victims in critical condition. Your minute effort to serve others is equivalent to the rent you pay for your living here on earth.

Writing by Bushra Jajja/GHPJ