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About Youth Multimedia Training Program
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About Youth Multimedia Training Program

Working youth has important implications for future economic growth, stability, and development of any country. Globally many graduates do not have job opportunities after their graduation due to multiple reasons including lack of adequate skills, underground economy, hysteresis, and minimum wages. Serious social repercussions and unrest are caused by potential youth unemployment. It is the need of the hour to provide youth with technology; training as a part of the educational curriculum. Investing in multimedia training opportunities will lead to decent job creation for youth and ultimately youth will contribute to more prosperous societies.

Youth Multimedia Training Program has a mission to empower youth having any educational background with advanced technological approaches and Global Humanitarian Photojournalists supports this program with full zeal. It will introduce youth with a new form of media and virtual communication and skills usually unavailable in the curriculum. An estimated 60% of the jobs demand skills with technology and youth with these skills will earn 43% more than others.

Youth Multimedia Training Program aims to create more effective young professionals in the media especially video, and photojournalists equipped with innovative multimedia technology and marketable skills to mobilize themselves confidently within the working world. Skilled professionals can create short documentaries on the subject of their choice to raise the issues prevailing in their community at a global platform.

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists encourage the media and creative industry to contribute to this program by sharing their knowledge and creativity to benefit young people who can amplify the voices of charities and fundraisers to better reach their audience through their digital communication skills. We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists ensure your help to this Youth Multimedia Training Program will have the following impacts;

  • Participating youth will acquire marketable technology and multimedia skills.
  • The youth will learn how to seek a job and can secure an internship.
  • Youth will consider a career in the Multimedia field.
  • Youth will show striking maturity and self-esteem by becoming a participant in this program.
  • Youth will be influenced to become active in directing their talent for a better community.

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