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Women Empowerment
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Women Empowerment

Women make up half of the world population but globally women are facing social barriers to personal freedom, less access to higher education and greater health and safety issues. Historically there is a perception that women’s higher education does not matter so they are discouraged from attending school at a young age. Due to fewer economic growth opportunities, women earning is less than men and women with children are having adverse financial conditions.

Women are at greater risk of sexually transmitted diseases due to high rates of sexual and domestic violence. Women do not have equal rights in politics globally, with poor political representation women share in national assemblies is just over 19 percent. Even in developed states, the majority of women are without voice and choice. Countries should act to eliminate discrimination, inequalities, and violence against women by laws, regulations and appropriate measures.

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists emphasize that women’s own knowledge, skills, and abilities should not go unrecognized, they should be given equivalent resources and growth opportunities as men. Empowering women and girls will create a ripple effect and they will contribute to the productivity of their families, communities, and countries.

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists have a firm belief that the empowerment of women is important internationally to meet a wide range of sustainable development goals. Women empowerment has far-reaching benefits for the planet and much work has been done in this regard but there is a still way to go. Our mission is to increase a woman's power of decision making, her power, her sense of self-worth, control over her own life, her access to opportunities and resources to reach her full potential and her ability to effect change, therefore women empowerment is a critical aspect for global prosperity. We aim to ensure women that they are not unheard by telling their stories on the international platform. 

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists liaise with women out there to find out what they need and aim to support them in achieving their goals. We need your help to decrease the rate of poverty, illiteracy, and illness among women, to establish mechanisms to accelerate women’s equal participation at all levels and to develop self-esteem, life, and leadership skills among them.

Donate and try with us to do the impossible.

Writing by Bushra Jajja/GHPJ