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Climate Change Project

Climate Change is the most defining issue because it has observable effects on the environment. The effects predicted by scientists earlier are now occurring: glaciers have shrunk, the seas are becoming acidic, sea levels are rising and risk of catastrophic flooding is increasing, ice on rivers and lakes is retreating earlier, food production is threatened and trees are flowering sooner, ranges of plants and animals are shifted. Net damage caused by climatic change is of significant importance and without drastic action is it likely to increase over time.

Global Humanitarian Photojournalists support Climate Change Project and aim to address this issue internationally by documenting the harmful impact of climate change. We are very aware of this fact that climate change is affecting people in far-reaching ways.

What’s Happening?

Adverse human activities like an increase in industrialization, extensive use of automobiles, burning of fossil fuels like coal, deforestation for urbanization has increased the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which is trapping more heat from the sun and ultimately earth temperature is increasing many degrees. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 40% in the industrial area. Global warming is intensified, large wildfires are occurring more frequently and seasonal timing of important biological events is changing in response to climatic change.

Our Response:

We at Global Humanitarian Photojournalists seek your help to respond to this climate change otherwise it will change us by affecting our health and wellbeing. Following climate-related issues will continue to occur in the future if we will not take necessary action:

*      Continuous rise in temperature through this century and beyond,

*      Stressed groundwater supplies with increased contamination

*      Decreased air quality and changed precipitation pattern

*      Approximately 1-4 feet raised sea-level

*      More droughts and heatwaves.

*      Frost-free season

*      Lengthen growing season

*      Stronger and intense hurricanes.

*     Ice-free arctic and much more.

Commit with us to mitigate which involves a reduction in emission of heat-trapping/ greenhouse gases and stabilization of their level in the atmosphere and replacing fossil fuel with cleaner and renewable sources of energy.

Think for future generations, commit to humanity. Donate and Unite for Climate action.